I really do not like January, or February for that matter.  In November, I am always glad for winter, ready for a little bit of hibernation.  The garden is usually put to bed, the freezer is full, and I am ready for a break.  December finds me eating from the frozen garden stash, looking out the window and thinking of the many things that I want to do for Spring.  January to me is just sad.  It is usually gray and cold, and I have not yet motivated myself to order seeds for the coming summer.  I have just begun to dream and scheme of things to come.  I begin to think about what I will grow, where I will grow it, and wonder if the garlic will begin to peek up through the ground in the coming months.  March keeps me busy getting the basement ready for the growing season.  I like to start my first seeds down there in the cold and the excitement comes quick as I see the first little sprouts peeking their way into the world.   I just cannot seem to motivate myself now, though, to think about any of it.  All I can do is look forlornly out the window at the garden, that I did not finish weeding, and ponder life.  I wonder if this year my peppers will grow?  I wonder if this year I will find time with the baby to get the weeding done?  I wonder if he will learn to appreciate the food that is grown here, free of pesticides and chemicals?  I wonder all of these things and so much more while I look out at the yard, blanketed with snow, hiding all of its treasures.  In January and February I can only dream….