Well, I have a confession to make that is sort of embarrassing but if you have ever been a mom, you may understand.  When my little guy was five months old, he started getting his two bottom teeth.  He woke up every one to two hours to eat and fuss.  Once the teeth came in, the waking up continued.  This was back in November.  Tired and distraught, we asked at our six-month doctor’s appointment and she assured us that once he started eating solid food, he would sleep.  That was six weeks ago!  To my increasing distress, he did NOT sleep better and continued to wake up every two hours.  I became a zombie, napping when I could, and slogging through the day.  I felt like the gerbil in the wheel, running and running from nap to nap, waiting for bedtime with a mixture of anticipation and dread.  Would he sleep tonight?  When the clock rounded the two hour mark I would start to get anxious…… When I heard the telltale sounds from the bedroom, I would groan and moan, knowing it would be another night without sleep.  I apologized over and over to my husband at the state of the house, the state of my mind, and my complete lack of enthusiasm for anything involving cooking or cleaning.  I plodded through the work day one foot in front of the other, trying my best to take care of others and seem like I really cared.  I became desperate.  We talked about getting rid of the pacifier.  We talked about letting him cry.  We tried half-heartedly once or twice but couldn’t stick to it.  We talked about using gas drops.  We poured over Internet sites, looking for a solution.  We took turns going into him and discovered that he really didn’t need to eat, we could coax him back to sleep with a little bit of snuggle time.

Then, two nights ago, I was browsing a website that discussed some of the reasons for night waking.  Nothing seemed to make sense.  He woke like clockwork, didn’t always need to eat, and went back to sleep as soon as we held him for a bit.  On a random whim, I decided to turn the heater up in case he was getting cold.  We usually turn the heat down at night to save money and then pile the blankets on, but he wears his blanket, and doesn’t keep the other one on.  So the first night he slept for five hours, woke to eat, then slept another four and ate again.  Wait, that was it?  I wasn’t convinced, so we tried it again last night.  He slept SIX hours, ate, then another four and ate again.  Could that SERIOUSLY have been the only reason he couldn’t get back to sleep?  He was cold!  So now of course, we feel a mixture of relief and also mild guilt.  The little guy was waking up and was cold, and cried to us, not being able to explain what was wrong.  How sad!

Needless to say, I feel like a new person.  I am now sleeping in four hour blocks and it feels absolutely heavenly!  What a wonderful thing to sleep for FOUR HOURS in a row!!  Thank goodness we all somehow survive childhood.  I love this little guy to pieces and would do anything to protect him from harm, but couldn’t figure out that he needed to be warmer so that he could learn to sleep on his own without my help!  Wow…..