I remember when Dave and I first got married, I was always amazed at how my love for him would grow more and more every day, month, week, year…   It always seemed so wonderful to me that I could love someone so much and love them in new, exciting ways with each shared memory, laugh, triumph, tribulation, etc.  After six years, I have discovered a love that is deeper and richer than I ever imagined possible.  Last night our son woke up with what must have been a night terror.  He was screaming and screaming with eyes wide open.  There was nothing I could do to comfort him and I quickly became distressed.  Dave came into the room, snuggled him into his arms, and our son turned his face into Dave’s chest and immediately quieted and went back to sleep within minutes.  I cannot describe the love that I felt for my husband at that moment.  Seeing this little guy snuggle into him with absolute trust made me love my husband more than I ever imagined possible!

I think that these two boys might very well succeed in melting my ice-coated heart!