Well, for some reason I am having a supremely difficult time getting excited about the gardening season.   I just ordered my seeds, I still have beds to prep, I have not started any seed, and I am just now thinking about garden planning.  It is probably a combination of factors from having a small infant to the lack of a good winter.  Regardless, I am at a point where I really need to get in gear because we need and want the food to eat and will be disappointed and hungry if we do not have any to eat!  Here is my garden plan for the year.  It is rather rudimentary, but accomplishes my goal of having a general layout.  This is my third year gardening in this bed and I have managed to rotate every year so that the same veggie types are not in the same beds.  I may go back to the original layout next year, or do one more rotation.

I have two more beds to weed that should have been done last fall, but having a new baby has been a major adjustment!  I am having to mulch very heavily because we did not keep up with the weeding last year, so we are going to have to be much more aggressive this year.  I am using heavy layers of straw and will add more once the soil warms.  West Virginia has more weeds than I ever imagined possible and they are super aggressive.   Would love to hear your thoughts on how you handle the weeds in your area!