The Blue Heron

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My husband and I were sitting on the dock this evening just after sunset.  A large blue heron landed in the water to our right and we watched it walk ever so slowly along the shoreline, stopping now and again to nibble a minnow.  When it passed the dock, it flew off with a resounding, “squawk”.  It struck me how awesome this moment was, how awesome to be a part of God’s kingdom on Earth.  What a beautiful moment in time to just sit and observe.

How many times in a day, a week, a year, do we get caught up in the whirlwind of life and forget to just sit, listen, and observe?  People  so often surround themselves with so much stuff, so much to do, so much to see- do they really have anything, see anything, do anything?  Do they know God?  I think that is one of the reasons why our path brought us here to Texas- to remember why we are even here in the first place- to love….to listen…..to learn…..to remember who we are….to know God…..

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Texas Wanderings

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Well, life has taken so many crazy twists and turns this past year.  We found ourselves becoming more and more unhappy in West Virginia and yearning for the life that we have always dreamed of.  We decided to take a short hiatus to East Texas.  What a blessing it has been to spend our days walking on the beach, playing in the sand, and enjoying the outside time with our son.  It has made us all the more resolved to find our land to build on.  We have slowly begun to refine our dream and have decided that our small homestead should include animals as well as a garden.  We have dabbled in ducks, and hope to expand to chickens, goats, and maybe a pig!  It has been so fun to take this time to dream big and make plans.  Our gardening will suffer this summer as a result of being gone for the Spring, but we will still try to plant when we return.  We are still not exactly sure where the road will lead us, but we plan to return to West Virginia with new purpose to get out of the city and continue our homestead life on a bigger chuck of land!  Happy Spring!

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