Well, it is June 27th, and we finally completed the garden planting. I know, I know, it is super late, but let’s just say that there were a few distractions.   In our quest to follow God’s path for us, we meandered to Texas for a few months to work and play.  Our return was delayed and we drove back into West Virginia on June 8th.  Ideally, I could have planted the garden right away and not been too behind, but maybe the weeds had a little party while we were away.  I am so glad that I mulched before we left.  The soil was nice and loose and moist, and the weeds came out easily, but work, nonetheless, and with a toddler at home, it meant weeding in the two to three hours of nap time each day.  So, the garden is finally planted and weeded and ready to go.  The blueberry bushes have a few green berries, the elderberry is now an official bush, the fruit trees survived the winter, and the garlic is in full production.  My task for today is to set out the little dishes of cheap beer for some slug control.  I always feel a little bit odd at the grocery store with my cart full of organic veggies, fruit, and other wholesome goodness, and then my cans of cheap beer.  The slugs sure do enjoy it though, and least for a few seconds!

I am also very excited about our Thuja trees that we planted for a privacy screen- look how much they have grown since last year!!

Happy Gardening everyone- hope it is productive and fun!

Thuja Trees