Well, I have been silent again for a bit- I could blame it on the birth of our son in December, but that really isn’t the reason. The reason is that I have been thinking so much about our journey, about our dream, that I became stuck in thought and could not translate that thought into action.

We have been dreaming and scheming for over eight years now about having our homestead. We bought ten acres in Alaska in 2006 and after three years of planning, decided that it was not what we wanted. So we moved here, to West Virginia in 2009, thinking that we might buy land here. We decided that West Virginia was not the right match either, and after our land in Alaska sold last year, we finally decided on Minnesota. It is closer to family, still gets the winters that we love, and would give us more of the similar attitudes and lifestyle that we miss about Alaska. In September, we bought a 40-acre piece of land in Northern Minnesota. We have been struggling with how to sell our house, pack up all our belongings, and get from West Virginia to Minnesota with two young kids. We have planned, and over-planned, and we just felt like we thought so much about the details that we became frozen and could no longer effectively move towards our goal.

After six weeks of getting our house ready, we decided to try to sell it so that we could relocate this summer and get things started on our land! After exactly twenty-four hours on the market, we have already signed an offer and are looking at a contract to sell. That was two weeks ago, and I have packed exactly 2 boxes, sold a few items, and done a small amount of research that will help us in our move. We have a whole house to pack, trailers to buy, things to sell, and we feel completely frozen! After all this time, we are finally in a place where we can move towards our lifelong goal, and we feel so uncertain, so afraid, so insecure about our decision! Doesn’t that just seem so ironic? And after five years here, we are finally making connections, finally feeling like we are more at home here. Security is so very deceptive. It tricks us into thinking that we don’t want to take on the unknown, that we can’t jump off the deep end because we might have forgotten how to swim.

So here we are, needing to pack up a household, figure out how to move said household, secure a storage container for storing the household, and build a yurt to live in while we build something more permanent, and all I can do is sip on a glass of wine and think about all the things I need to do. I know that part of it is just plain old fear- fear of the unknown; fear of starting over; fear that things will go wrong; fear that as a parent, we will somehow damage our kids by camping in Northern Minnesota for the summer.

Through all of the uncertainty, fear, and insecurity, however; is a deep-seated faith that God somehow orchestrated all of this. For our house to sell in less than a day is pretty remarkable. I have to believe that through all of our prayers for God to lead us down the right path, that this is him leading us. There have been so many closed doors for us here- although I have to say that there have been many doors opened in our hearts, in our spirits…..I will look back someday at our time in West Virginia, and be so thankful that God brought us here. It was here that we really learned about faith, and trust, and really giving our lives over to God.

What a crazy road we have already been down. A mere five years ago, we were living in a campground in a modified horse trailer- having just rolled into West Virginia from Alaska. We loved the adventure, the freedom. Now, after having two kids, we feel like this whole undertaking is foolish. How strange…. Well, as I finish the last sip of my wine, and feel good that I got at least two boxes packed today- cheers to new beginnings, cheers to dreams that come true, cheers to a cross-country moving extravaganza with two kids and a dog, cheers to West Virginia and the relationships here that have transformed us, and cheers to our transformation and faith in God to lead us through all of this with our heads held high.

Stay tuned for adventures on the road and living in a yurt in northern Minnesota!