I cannot believe that a new chapter of our life is coming to a close!! It seems like we have been here forever and it also seems like it was just yesterday that we rolled in from Alaska with our modified trailer. It seems like a dream that we were living in the campground for almost three months while we tried to find housing and jobs! It seems crazy, and yet, here we are, doing it again. The difference this time is that we have many more belongings and an additional two kids! The house is full of boxes now, some packed, some not. Dishes and cookware have been replaced with paper plates and aluminum pans. I explain to my three year old on a daily basis why some toys are going away and others cannot come out of the boxes. We discuss frequently how all the things are going with us, the kids are going, and the dog. We talk about ‘the farm’. He wants cows and a blue tractor! We talk about chickens and goats, winter in Minnesota, helping papa chop wood. He seems excited, but his little three year old mind cannot quite wrap around the enormity of what is happening. Now that I mention it, neither can mine! We have such a short time left, such a short time to get it all done, to see loved ones, to say our goodbyes.

I try not to be anxious. But I am…. I am anxious about getting it all done, finding the time and the energy to make it happen. I am anxious about getting to Minnesota and living in a tent with two kids and a dog. I am anxious about getting a small house built soon enough for winter. I have to trust. God knows what he is doing, and I most definitely do not! We asked God for this. We asked him to make our path clear, to pave the way ahead of us. He is doing just that. So onward we will march, and continue praying for his strength, his wisdom, and his guidance as we close a chapter in our lives and open another one full of blank, yet-to-be-written pages!