We started our adventure to Minnesota on July 11th, after closing on our house. It was a mad three-day drive with me in one truck with the two kids and a trailer, and my husband in another truck with the dog and a trailer. We did not have any major mishaps although at times I thought that I might lose my mind while I plopped pacifiers in the baby’s mouth, got games ready for the three-year old to play, handed out massive amounts of snacks to both children, talked on the radio with my husband, and tried to drive at the same time. I listened to a large amount of music at a rather high volume and pretended that I did not feel like some sort of fish stuck in a fish bowl. We arrived on our property and were welcomed to Minnesota with some serious rain and some more serious mosquitos. It has been four days now, and we have retreated to the ‘city’ for a little break from camping. I am feeling tired, discouraged, and uncertain how to proceed. We are working on getting our building permit, but are running into difficulties. The kids are not adjusting well to camp life. It feels fairly overwhelming. On a positive note, I have done many things for the first time, and have enjoyed some really sweet sunsets looking across our field. I saw my first moon bows two nights ago when I woke in the night. I drove a motorcycle for the first time, tooling around the field at a Grandma speed. I went for a walk in the field and heard our boys laughing and playing together when they should have been sleeping. I watch our oldest son run around outside all day and see the joy on his face at being able to run free.

I am trying not to worry. I am trying not to think about all of the unknowns that I cannot prepare for or prevent. I am trying to believe that we are following our dream instead of feeling that we are completely insane. I am trying to believe that our boys will not somehow be traumatized by living in a tent for the summer. I wish that I could say that this is some dream come true. I wish I could say that it is easy and fun and full of adventure, but it is hard, really hard. Maybe the hardest thing I have ever done. I am trying to pray every day, all day, and wait. I am trying to learn to listen, and be patient, and be still. I am thankful for our solar shower. I am thankful for our neighbor, who has already had us over for coffee. I am thankful for my brother, who has provided us a rest stop in the city. I am very, very thankful for mosquito repellant and anti-itch cream. I am thankful that I have a healthy family. I am thankful that I have this wonderful piece of land and hope that we can endure this period of trial to see it become our home.