I was talking with a good friend of mine yesterday, and she asked me a funny question. She asked me what I liked the most about being here. I had been consumed by all of the things that I DIDN’T like about camping in a field with two kids. I never really just sat down and thought about all of the things that I did like. So today as we went through our day, I began to reflect on everything that we were doing and not only did the day seem much easier, but I enjoyed myself so much more. In order to fully appreciate our life, I thought it might be helpful to lay out our typical day for you, and then maybe you can better appreciate the things that are wonderful about our life.

5:30am- the baby wakes for an early morning snack. We snuggle in bed and fall back asleep.
7:00am- big brother wakes up and we all snuggle in bed together. He gets back up and plays quietly with his cars for about 30 minutes.
8:00am- we all get dressed and head out to the kitchen for pancakes and cocoa.
9:00am- the baby has a nap and big brother and I take the dog for a walk around the field.
9:45am- big brother and I fill up the water jug and play together.
10:30am- everyone has a snack and we shoot the bow and arrow for a while
11:30am- the baby wakes up and we all eat lunch together.
12:00pm- Papa takes a shower while the boys and I ‘hang out’ and play
1:00pm- we all go to the coffee shop for ice cream
2:15pm- everyone takes a nap together. Papa plays his ukelele.
4:15pm- everyone is up from naps and we head to the lake to play
7:00pm- dinner together and dishes. While I do dishes, Papa and big brother go for a walk together.
8:00pm- bedtime for the boys and we have some quiet time together.

It may not seem that exciting to you, but here is what I love about our time here. I love that we do everything together, as a family. I love watching my husband teach our son and go for walks with him. I love that he wants to go for a walk with us more than he wants to watch TV. I love that we all snuggle in bed together every morning. I love that I get to lay on the floor and watch the baby roll around and eat his toes. I love the routine of camp life. I love doing laundry by hand and hanging it up to dry- and doing it as a family chore. I love the sunsets that we see every evening. I love looking at the stars when I get up in the night. I love that we have somehow adapted to living in one room together and we all still love each other! I love laying in bed at night and listening to the sounds of the night and hearing the deep, sleeping breathing of my boys.

There are so many, many things that I do not like about camping in a field while we wait to even begin building our house. But the things that I DO like– these are the reasons we came here in the first place. These are the reasons we wanted a simpler life. These are the things that make our hearts happy and full. This is why we are doing what we are doing. This is the Good Life!