We have had so many setbacks this summer that we were seriously starting to doubt our sanity. Who brings two kids to a rural property in northern Minnesota to camp while building a house? After wasting a month trying to find a contractor to pour the foundation, we gave up and decided to do the slab ourselves. The slab was far from our first choice but it was our only feasible choice on our budget and with our heavy clay soil. Once we finally decided to do it ourselves the rain came….and came….and came. There was no way we could do concrete work in the rain! A family member suggested building an ark!

The weather finally cleared two days ago and we have begun! Five weeks after pulling in, we have finally started building our house. In many ways, it feels like what a barn-raising must have been like in the old days. We have family coming from all over the country and state to help and once we pour the foundation, we are expecting the house to go up in about two weeks. We did not originally want a standard stick frame house, but again, our limited budget and time has dictated changing some of our plans. It feels exciting to be getting some work done! After such a long time camping, I cannot even begin to tell you how sweet it is to look down the field and see that house starting from the ground up!