We moved into the house about three weeks ago- nothing on the inside was finished yet, but everyone was tired of the tent. It has been aggravating trying to get the electrical wiring done and insulate, while working around all of our things. The kids ‘room’ is in the future bathroom- the interior walls are built but no drywall yet, so it is essentially still like living in one big room together. Our bed is in the future kitchen, and we have the utility sink and propane stove set up by the door. The downstairs is insulated and we are waiting to finish the upstairs before we drywall. This seems to be the hardest stretch yet. Everyone is tired of working, tired of ‘roughing it’, and tired of thinking about all of the things we still have to do before winter. It is hard to muster up the energy to work day after day while feeling like the end will never come!

We took a mini-break the last few days and tomorrow we will start back up again. Projects to complete first include installing the soffit and fascia, the outside insulation for the frost-protected slab, building the interior walls for the upstairs, electrical and insulation upstairs, building the stairs, drywall, and installing the woodstove. Projects that are going on the side include putting in the shallow hand-pump well, having a holding tank installed (hot showers, yay!), and working on solar hot air and hot water collectors. In addition to all that needs to be completed, I will be returning to work part-time in two weeks. It is going to be a tough winter, I know that, but hopefully we wil have plenty of time and energy to dream about the year to come- finishing the house, getting a garden in, planting trees, obtaining some livestock, and building a garage.

We feel more peaceful now about being here. Being in the tent was intense. The rain beat us down, literally, and washed away our steadfastness. The mud and muck and wetness pervaded our lives and dampended our enthusiasm. Everything became harder to deal with. Making decisions felt impossible, and we felt a bone-weary fatigue every day that seemed to chase us from sun up to sun down. Now that we are in the house, things feel more manageable. There is no mistaking the fact that we still have a mound of things to accomplish, but we feel like no matter what happens now, we will be okay and we will get through it. We are enjoying the quiet evenings together with no distractions. We thought that electricity would be the first thing we would want, but we have since realized that septic and water will come first, with electricity to come later. Neither one of us minds the lanterns and the kids really do not notice the difference.

I am sitting in our one comfortable chair while I write this, looking up now and then at the crescent moon staring in the window at me, and feeling quiet inside. I am so thankful that God opened the path before us to bring us here. I miss my friends, and I miss many of the comforts of ‘home’, but I know that this is where we need to be right now, and my heart is quiet and still. Peace is knowing that the kids will grow up out here, hopefully loving the land as we do, and peace is knowing that our family will be stronger, richer, and more connected with God for having done this.