Today just did not go the way I had hoped. Our plan was to go into town and get our supplies for putting in the wood stove. Tomorrow, we had a guy coming out to install the roof pieces. Instead, we didn’t find one piece that we needed, and the whole thing is put off for a couple weeks. We were grumpy most of the day. This evening, we talked about timing. Timing really is everything. The funny part is that our timing is nothing, and Gods timing is everything. God knows what we need, and I am just way too proud if I am going to pretend to know anything about what I need. We have had so many things from the start of this adventure that have been perfect examples of this. God’s timing brought family here just when we needed them. We have had money come just when we needed it. We have had people help us exactly when we needed it. Projects have not worked out and as a result, other things have been able to happen. It is so easy to be angry about not getting the wood stove in. It doesn’t change anything, though- it still isn’t going to get done. Realizing this will hopefully allow us to realize that because it isn’t going to happen, something else will. This entire project has been one crazy lesson after another. We are tired- tired of uncertainty, tired of being unsettled, tired of daily having to make decisions that we do not feel prepared for, tired of things not working out the way we hoped. We are trying to remember each and every day, though, that in the end, things work out exactly as they were meant to.