It has been almost a month since we moved back to the property. It has been a super busy month- getting settled back into simple living; setting the ‘new’ travel trailer up to serve as our temporary home; getting the solar system up and running; mowing the area around the house and camper. It has taken some time to readjust, but it is definitely easier this time. Living in the tent for three months has given us some perspective. We are now in the lap of luxury with our travel trailer and its running water, electricity, refrigerator, and occasional air conditioning! I would like to say that we have made mountains of progress on the house, but we, in fact, have not! We have taken time to clean up the property around the house, get things moved into the ‘storage’ room upstairs, get the kids room set up as a playroom, and work on setting up a storage tent for all of our many farm implements and tools. Dave has just begun work on the bathroom again and we are getting excited as we begin picking out trim options, paint ideas, and a bathroom vanity.

Today was the first day since being out here that I have had time to sit in relative quiet and reflect. The boys were playing together (finally) on the sand pile. The four-year-old was busy ‘working hard and making a garden’ with the hoe while his brother was using a plastic shovel to fill up the dog bowl with sand. Dave was driving the tractor and mowing the spot that will eventually become our garden. I had this overwhelming sense of happiness and peace. I realized, as I sat in my son’s Red Flyer wagon and watched my boys and man, that this was exactly the moment that we had been waiting for. This was the reason we trekked across the country in search of a better life for ourselves and our kids. The last year has been full of questions about our move, uncertainty about our decision. It has also been full of a longing and heartache for our old church family, friends, and even small little house in town. We have been tired and frustrated, homesick and lonely. Today, I finally felt like my heart has settled a bit.

Tomorrow we will try a new church closer to home. When we get home, Dave will use our ‘new’ ancient plow to till up a garden plot for a very late planting. We will begin to see our ‘property’ turn into a farm. We can begin to envision where the chickens and goats will go. We are talking about where the crops should be planted, and where the trees should be planted for wind protection and privacy. After a long, hard year, we have begun to dream again. It is funny, my dad commented that we always refer to our land as ‘the property’ and he wondered why that was. He always called his boyhood home ‘the land’ or ‘the farm’. Today I realized that we are now starting to call our place ‘the farm’ but this was a title that we had to work for. It was ‘the property’ for so long because to us, it was just a piece of land. Now it is becoming a home, and a farm, and the end result of many years of dreaming. Today was a good day on the farm. I am glad that we are here, and I am thankful for the many blessings we have had along the way.