So I am sure that most of you have had an opportunity to read some of the children’s books by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond. If you are not familiar with them, take a look at our favorite, If You Give a Moose a Muffin [Laura Numeroff, Felicia Bond]. Dave and I decided that this book is similar to our daily life right now in so many ways, but without the yummy muffin as a reward! I have decided that instead of whining about the craziness of our lives every single day, I should just turn it into a parody based on these books. So here is the Sims on the Homestead version……

If you give your husband and kids some eggs and toast, they will want some juice to go with it.
To get the juice you will have to bundle up in winter gear and go out to the camper to get it from the fridge.
When you get out to the camper, you will realize that they may want a yogurt also.
You grab the juice and yogurt and take them into the house.
To eat the yogurt and drink the coffee, they need a mug and some spoons.
To get a mug and a spoon, you have to wash some dishes.
To wash some dishes, you discover that you need more water.
You go out to pump more water from your barrel to your jug.
While you are out there, you remember that you both like to have creamer in the coffee.
You go back to the camper to get the creamer.
When you are back inside the house, you start to wash the dishes.
You see water running towards you on the floor and realize that the gray water bucket has run over.
You go back outside to empty the bucket.
While you are out there, you know you might as well get some firewood for the wood stove.
You carry the bucket of wood and empty water bucket into the house.
It is still too dark to do the dishes without light, so you grab your headlamp.
It is out of batteries. The batteries are charging in the camper.
You bundle up and go back to the camper AGAIN to get the batteries.
You take the juice back to put in the fridge and trudge back to the house with your headlamp and new batteries.
You replace the water bucket, wash the dishes, and serve coffee, yogurt, and eggs and toast.
When eating breakfast and drinking coffee, you realize that the kids might like another glass of juice…..