For some reason today I sat in the house, listening to the rain, and I was reflecting back on the summer we moved here.  What in the world were we thinking?  How did we just drive 1500 miles away from ‘home’ and pull into our field with a cheap Walmart tent and think this was a good plan?  I am not saying that we made a wrong decision, but who does this stuff?  We had a plan, sort of, that consisted of building a house, but we had no idea how the details were going to go.  I just keep thinking back on how if any one thing had gone wrong, it could have been a disaster!  The rain, the mosquitos, the mud, the madness.  I would love to know what the neighbors thought as they heard my sons shrieks from his ‘time-out’ chair in the middle of the field, or what the locals thought of these crazy, homeless people living in a tent with their two little kids.  It rained so much that summer that when we stepped into the tent, it felt like walking on a water bed- with the rain water pooling in between the thick Mississippi clay and the tent bottom.  Our kitchen tent, 300 yards away, never got ransacked by critters, although we both lost 10 pounds each from having to go so far for food (kind of killed the late-night snacking problem).  Our younger son learned to crawl in the tent, and saw the outside world through a mosquito screen.  Our oldest son had to transition from just being potty-trained to using an outhouse and went from a cozy three bedroom house to sharing a 10×20 tent with four people.  I still hear the wind and think about the fear of losing our tent the first week we were here to the 70 mile an hour gusts.  I cannot listen to a thunderstorm without shuddering because of the horror of mud and muck invading our lives.  I cannot slap a mosquito without remembering the clouds that surrounded us everywhere we went. We laugh about it now but it was madness!  We are still a long way from finished and the house is still more construction zone than home, but it is getting there, in slow, steady little steps.  Someday it will be a nice, cozy home, and we will look back on the photos from the beginning and not even remember how crazy it was getting here.