The Grain Bin

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In typical Dave and Megan fashion, we decided on a bit of a whim to drive 3 hours with the kids to go check out a grain bin on Craigslist. The price was right and it seemed like a good cheap and fast way to get some storage space until we could build a shop.

The reality of doing this with three little kids was a bit overwhelming. We drove up in the evening, spent the night in a hotel, and got up early the next day to meet a friend for the ‘take down’.



After a dozen phone calls we managed to find someone with grain bin jacks. We picked them up and the boys began the arduous task of dismantling the bin one layer at a time.  I hit the road for the three hour car trip to pick up the trailer. When I came back, things seemed to be moving along!

It took them eight hours to get it down. We finally got home that night at midnight. Tired, dirty, and hoping this was a good idea, we fell into bed.  This project would be so much easier if we just had the ability to build what we needed.  Now we have to pour a slab, put this crazy thing back together, sprayfoam it, and then finally be able to use it for storage.  We certainly do not need another project, but we do need storage and we do need to turn our house into a home without the living room being full of tools.   To quote the five year old when he came downstairs one morning,  “This place is a mess. It looks like a garage in here!”.  Ah, the infinite wisdom and lack of filter…..

Another day in the crazy life at Simbow Farm….



How Low Can You Go?

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I am dating myself, but do any of you remember playing limbo on the roller skating rink?  I do!  We were out there roller skating with the lights flashing and the music playing and the announcer yelling, “How low can you go?”.  There was always a line, different for each of us, that meant the difference between rolling smoothly under the limbo stick, or falling on your butt on the rink floor.   I feel like we are in the throes of discovering where our line is and I am not sure that we are skating so smoothly these days.  We are tired of playing the limbo game and we are ready to just be skating across the rink with no more obstacles in our way.

It has been almost two years since we drove onto this property.  Everyone is tired.  We are tired of living in limbo, we are tired of having all our belongings in boxes.  We are tired of having our living room be consumed by power tools.  We are tired of coming home and not being comfortable.  I think the most difficult thing is not knowing when we will be out of this state of limbo and into the comfort of a finished home.  Today we spent most of the day moving back out to the camper.  It makes me tired and anxious to pack things up and move them yet again, even if it is only to move them thirty feet across the yard to the camper.   Tomorrow we will finish clearing out the downstairs so that we can finish the drywall, paint,  get the tongue and groove on the ceiling, and install the rest of the electrical outlets and lights.  We will get a quote for kitchen cabinets and hopefully get them installed by the end of summer.  I am apprehensive.  I do not know how much we will get done and we are both feeling really, really tired.  We need to finish enough by winter that we can stop living in limbo.  I want to unpack.  I want to have my clothes hanging in the closet.  I want to have carpet in the bedrooms.  I want to have a living room that has a couch in it instead of a band saw.  I want to cook on a real stove and use the Coleman Camp Stove for camping, not daily living.  I want to wash a load of laundry after the kids go to bed, not trudge everyone to the Laundromat and have it take all day.

I know that God will work in our lives to teach us to be humble, to be more patient, and to lose our pride, and selfishness.  I know that he wants to be the center of our lives.  I know that we also do not get any more hardship than we can handle, but I am really wondering right now how God knows where my breaking point is, because I feel like I am there.  I pray every day for strength, for stamina, for discernment, for guidance, for hope….. Some days are good, many are not.  Each time I tackle yet another challenge, it gets harder, because I am tired of playing the game!  I keep having to remind myself that we chose this path and it is our path to walk through to the finish line.   Praying and hoping that when we get to the finish, we will still feel like skating.  Joseph is my guide these days, as I think about how long he struggled before he was able to realize the true meaning of his dream and follow it to fruition, and how much loss and heartache he must have felt in the meantime.

From Cabin Fever to Spring Fever

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I was thinking the other day about the blurry line between cabin fever and spring fever.  This winter seemed particularly long to me.  Perhaps it was the new baby in December that made it drag on, or maybe it was the snow cover that remained into March, but it was well into March before I began to feel the stirring of energy and motivation.  It is still much to muddy to begin doing many outdoor projects, although I am slowly plugging away at the garden expansion.  The energy is being focused into finishing the house.  I am beginning to look around at the unfinished drywall, uncarpeted floors, doorways with no doors, and I want to see it finished!  We have come so far and it will be such an amazing feeling to see things come to completion.

It is difficult to believe that we are almost two years into this project.  Our  younger son was only seven months old when we came here, and learned to crawl in a tent!  He is now running, jumping, talking, and doing his best to keep up with his big brother.  This is all he will know- this property, this house, this way of life.

Spring is running quickly into Summer, and before we know it, Fall will be knocking at our doorstep.  I have such high hopes of getting this place whipped into shape before we begin another Winter in the harsh North.  The past two years have made me jaded, though, and anxiety creeps in when I think of the possibility of another winter without the comfort of having a home to relax in.  Yes, we have a house, but I am so ready for a home.  I know, realistically, that time and money will both restrict how far we can get on this project.  There was a time, when we were still suffering with cabin fever, that we looked around at this place, and hoped for a house fire while we were away at the store.  We have been beaten down by challenges, and have become much more realistic about the struggle and strife that come with the realization of a dream.  As we move out of the season of struggle and hardship, I am trying to keep my chin up and believe that the warm Summer sun will thaw out our dampened spirits and that we will be able to find the energy and stamina we need to finish our house and begin to make it a home!

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