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Country Roads……Take Me Home….

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IMG_3920Life is funny sometimes, and not in the way I most expect, but usually in the way that I least expect!  Five years after coming here, my husband finally returned to West Virginia to pick up his machines from storage.  Building our homestead was going to be our 1-2 year plan, and now has become the 5-10 year plan!  It is hard work growing people!  Life has been busy for us and it was not until he returned to West Virginia, that I really took time to reflect on the past year (years).

This has been one of the toughest things that I have ever done- moving here and building our home and homestead from the ground up.  There are many days that we still wonder why God led us here, and other days, we feel more at peace.  Ultimately, we are slowly realizing that we have been given an amazing gift to parent our children in this place.  We were talking with a family member recently about dreams, and how tough it can be to look back at your life and realize that you have always had a dream and were never able to turn it into reality.  Dave and I were able to do that, and of course, the irony is that once we did it, we realized that it was so different than we thought it would be.  What a great lesson for life, though.  Events almost NEVER happen just the way we expect.

We are getting ready to head into another year of homeschooling.  This will be the first year that I am teaching two students instead of one!  I am finally embracing the reality that I can do this!  I am excited and anxious for the opportunity to shape my kids learning experience and provide them the tools to go out into the world and thrive.