Today was the first day of school for our Home-Schooled crew!  Jacob absolutely loved Spike the hand-puppet dragon!  He was a huge hit, as were the fruity Cheerios that we ate and doubled as place holders for math!  Jacob begged for more school after lunch and we moved on to science and began our study of flying creatures!  It was an amazingly successful first day.  I had been extremely nervous about teaching two, but Jacob’s Kindergarten enthusiasm and amazement made his older brother more excited as well.  I also found that his brother jumped in to try and help teach him, which was super fun to see.

The afternoon found us outside, enjoying an outdoor treasure hunt and garden time.  The kids picked zucchini, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, green beans, and onions, and discovered the much shorter than last year sunflower. It has been a cool summer and the leaves are already turning, much to my dismay.  I truly enjoyed the return to a schedule and it seemed that the kids did also.  This year, my homeschooling goal is definitely to try and relax and bit more and enjoy the ride.  I want to focus less on what they learn as much as HOW they learn, and if we are all enjoying it!  I am looking forward to Autumn and all that comes with my favorite season.