Homemade Crib Rail Covers—- a.k.a foiling the baby beaver….

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So my son recently discovered how to stand up in his crib, and soon after that he discovered the joys of scraping the finish off of his crib with his bottom teeth.  Much to my dismay, our brand new crib looked like this when I went in to get him this morning.  Too cheap to buy crib rail covers, and not exactly a domestic goddess, I did a quick search on how to make my own covers.  It looked like about $40 to buy covers, and that was not an option.


A quick trip to Wal-mart (my least favorite place) and less than $10.00 later, I came home with two yards of green fleece, and two packs of Velcro.  I cut out two strips of fleece that were 53″ by 22″.  Then I folded each strip over and sewed all four edges.  The last edge I sewed to within about 6″ of the end, and then turned the whole thing inside out.

I then painstakingly put batting into the covers before sewing them closed.  Because I was using an ancient Singer sewing machine, I had to sew the Velcro on by hand (my least favorite skill EVER)…  This is the final product on the crib….  And the Beaver trying them out for a taste test….

Completed covers









July 2, 2013- Okay, so I have to add an addendum here.  I assumed that my son, now being two, would have gotten over the scraping beaver phase.  I went to get him from his nap a couple of days ago and discovered that lo and behold, he had scraped a fair bit of the finish off the end of the crib- the only part uncovered!!  Feeling much more lazy and disinclined to sew, I grabbed some of the leftover fleece, cut a strip long enough, and folded it in half lengthwise so it would be double thick over the rail.  I cut a few holes in either side, cut some tie strips, and tied the cover in four places.  I know that it will probably not last as long, but it only took about 10 minutes, so for those of you who do not have the desire to sew, this may be an option for a quick fix!

Our New Treasure

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Dave actually found this treasure at an antique store for a wonderful price!  He spent about an hour oiling it up, printing the manual, and getting it ready for use!  We made some sleeve liners for his wool coat- something he has been wanting to do for almost a year now!  We were coming home from the store tonight and commenting about how nice it is to come home in the rain  to a house, instead of a campground!


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